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Master Computer is a very popular one episode villain in the cartoon series Dexter's Laboratory. Master Computer only appears in the episode of the same name. He was a boss (the only boss) on a game that Dexter mastered when he was three, the game was very primitive so he discarded it as soon as he beat it. Years later, Dexter's dad reacquired the game, and, although Dexter did not want to play it again his sister Dee Dee challenged him to a game of it (which he comically lost in a matter of seconds without doing any damage to Dee Dee's character at all). After being defeated by Dee Dee, Dexter tried to remove the game from his lab system (which he and his sister had been using to play the game), but the game boss, Master Computer, came to life and absorbed all the power in the lab to become a powerful villain bent on world domination. Master Computer planed to kill Dexter and than use the energy from Dexter's lab to rule the world, but Dexter got the help of his sister Dee Dee, who beat Master Computer with little effort. After defeat, Master Computer turned back into a harmless, lifeless game boss.

It seems that Master Control was a parody of the Disney villain from tron, Master Control Program.