Master-D is the true antagonist and final boss of Bionic Commando, he was once the leader of a hegemonic group of extremists that threatened the peace among nations, the Badds.


Though he's dead and the Badds group was dissolved, his beliefs were still influential and eventually lead to the creation of the Empire. To make matters worse, the head of the Empire, Generalissimo Killt, came across a Badds' top secret project for world domination, The Albatross, that was never finished, he decided to finish it himself.

It turns out that Killt cannot finish the project because ha lacks information that only Master-D knew and took to the grave so the Generalissimo is trying to resurrect him. In the final confrontation Rad Spencer comes across Killt who tells him that they had finished the Albatros, even without Master D so there's no need for him to revive. However just before dealing with Rad, Master-D comes back to life and the machine that was resurrecting him explodes, instantly killing Killt.

Master-D takes control of the Albatross, a powerful airship armed with a laser beam, and the final battle begins. After his defeat Master D attempts to escape in a helicopter but Radd stops him with a bazooka given to him by Hal, a dying comrade, Master-D finally meets his demise and his head explodes in one of the most infamous gory scenes in the NES era.


  • Master-D was actually none other than Adolf Hitler himself in the Japanese version, which was titled Top Secret: The Resurrection of Hitler. The English version changed his identity and removed all references to the Nazis (referring to them as the "Badds" in the script). Despite this, Master-D's resemblance to Hitler was left unaltered.