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The Massive Evil Clown Manifestation

The Massive Evil Clown Manifestation

The Massive Evil Clown Manifestation is a gigantic, twisted clown-like supernatural monstrosity and a villain in Ghostbusters Issue #7 of the Ghostbusters comic book series by IDW Comics. This ghastly apparition is a spectral construct created by the Hungry Manitou, while it was in possession of Peter Venkman of the Ghostbusters.

After being blasted by Winston Zeddemore, the Hungry Manitou became enraged and created the Massive Evil Clown Manifestation. The other Ghostbusters were unable to confine the manifestation as easily as the Bruce the Horrible Chimp Manifestation and briefly considered switching to full stream. Luckily, the Manitou vacated Peter's body and the manifestation dissipated.

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