Mason Wren

Dr. Mason Wren is one of the three main antagonists along with the Cloned Queen and The Newborn of the 1997 movie Alien Resurrection. A scientist on the ship Auriga, he was the one who cloned Ripley and recreated the Xenomorphs.


Wren is one of the five scientists who planned to resurrect the Alien Queen. He exposed Analee Call as a "terrorist" who was studying the aliens and attempted to have her and the mercenaries killed. This failed however and Wren was captured by the group. He then acted as a guide to them, until he betrayed them and shot Call before he heads for the Betty, intending to leave the others behind. When the group shows up, Wren attacks and holds Call at gunpoint. While arguing with the group, Wren gets attacked by Purvis, who then positions his head in front of his chest, allowing the chestburster to burst through Purvis' chest and Wren's head, killing them both.