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Note: For the book and movie versions see Mason Verger.

Mason Verger is a supporting antagonist in the NBC series Hannibal, appearing as a villain in the second half of the second season and first half of the third season. He was played by Michael Pitt in the second season and Joe Anderson in the third. He is described by showrunner Bryan Fuller as the Joker to Hannibal's Batman.



Mason prior to his disfigurement.

As a child, Mason's father enlisted him in a summer camp. Mason continues his father's work by hosting the camp, but often 'takes advantage' of the children. He describes them as "unfortunates, who will do anything for a candy bar." After being caught up in legal matters, Mason was able to have the charges dropped and, instead, be placed doing community service, mostly at a dog pound. Therapy was another punishment, but he involved the doctor in unethical behavior.

Following his sister's footsteps, Mason joined in therapy with Dr. Lecter. Hannibal instantly disliked Mason because of his rudeness as well as his perversions. Hannibal made him take a combination of drugs, which changed his perception of the world. In this state, Mason was encouraged by Dr. Lecter to cut off his face and feed it to Will Graham's dogs. He complied, and ended up horrifically disfigured. Hannibal broke his spinal chord, leaving him quadriplegic.

Mason later puts a bounty out on Hannibal, who is now on the run after being discovered as a serial killer. Hannibal is captured alongside Will Graham. Mason's plot is to have Will's face cut off and grafted onto his own face, and slowly have Hannibal mutilated and eat each part of his body. However Mason's plans are scuppered when his right hand Cordell Doemling is killed, and an unconscious Mason is "milked" by Hannibal so the sperm can be used to create a baby for Margot so she can inherit the Verger Fortune with her girlfriend Alana Bloom. Mason attempts to shoot at Margot and Alana, however is tackled into a tank where his pet eel crawls down his throat and he suffocates and drowns.

Episode appearances

Season 2

  • "Naka-Choko"
  • "Kō No Mono"
  • "Tome-wan"

Season 3

  • "Aperitivo"
  • "Contorno"
  • "Dolce"
  • "Digestivo"