Ladies and Gentleman! Your eyes do not deceive you! Leave the deception to your local leaders. Time to wake up, Monte d'Or, and get enlightened!
~ The Masked Gentleman in Monte d'Ors popoulation

The Masked Gentleman is the central antagonist of the video game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and its remake Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Plus. He appears in the town Monte d'Or in a desert and terrorises the inhabitants with miracles, like making people levitate or turn them into stone.




17 year old Randall Ascot with the Mask of Chaos.

At the age of seventeen, Randall Ascot and his friend Hershel Layton explored the ruins of Akbadain to find the treasure of the Azran Civilization, where he fell into a pit with the Mask of Chaos. He was believed to be dead, but actually he had lost his memory and lived in a village in the mountains.

Eighteen years later, he got a letter from Jean Descole, through which he regained his memories. He was told lies about his former friend Henry Ledore and wanted to get revenge by becoming the Masked Gentleman and destroying the town Henry had build.

The Miracle Mask

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The Gentleman appears.

While Randall acted as the Masked Gentleman, Descole used tricks and illusions to cause the events people believed to be miracles.

Professor Layton discovered his true identity in the Reunion Inn. By raising the ruins of Akbadain beneath Monte d'Or he was able to prevent Randall from flooding the town with sand. After he told him that he was actually just manipulated by Descole, Randall regretted what he did and wanted to die, but was saved by Henry and Layton, to show him that they were still able to stay friends, in spite of Randall's deeds.


The Gentleman claims he got the power to do that from the Mask of Chaos he wears. He sometimes also wears a white cape.


Randall Ascot was a thrill-seeking adventurous guy. After he became the Masked Gentleman, he rather seemed nihilistic and didn't care about much, apart from revenge. He still kept his playful behavior, but also showed psychpatic signs.

Powers and Abilities

Randall Ascot had many abilities, like sword fighting and puzzle solving. As the Masked Gentleman, he seemed almost omnipotent, due to the powers of his mask, which allegedly answeared it's wearer's every wish: He turned people into horses, made some come out of painting, burned and revived people, turned them to stone, made them levitate and disappear. He could even turn his cloak into wings to be able to fly. However, as it turned out in the end, all of that deeds were just illusions.


1, 2, 3, 4... Did you miss me, Monte d'Or? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! I hope you enjoyed tonight's dark miracle. Courtesy of the Masked Gentleman! Consider what you have seen tonight as a warning. Monte d'Or will soon be destroyed. Those who submit to the power of the mask may be spared... But then again... They may not.
~ The Masked Gentleman, introducing himself.
5, 6, 7, 8... No one can escape their fate!
~ The Masked Gentleman
9, 10, 11, 12... Just how deep do you want to delve? I hope you've enjoyed this look into my world, Layton. I've left you one final puzzle, so that you may save your little friend.
~ The Masked Gentleman, having capturd Luke.
The destruction of Monte d'Or shall be my final dark miracle!
~ Randall Ascot



  • He has many similarities to the Winter Soldier from the Captain America movies: Both are masked terrorists who were previously the hero's best friend, but were believed dead after falling into a river. They both survived, but lost their memory to be later brought back by superoir villains, who need them for their plans. Also, both were redeemed in the end.