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Who's the tough guy now, pal?
~ The Masher talking back to Marty Wolf, right before he crushes his car

The Masher is a minor character in Big Fat Liar. He is a wrestler.


Big Fat Liar

The Masher owns a truck and when Marty Wolf accidents hits his tires, (after the old lady re ends him). He gets angry with him and uses his truck to destroy his car.

At the end of the film Marty Wolf is shown to now be working as a party clown for kids, and the kids birthday party he is hired to be turns out to be the son of The Masher'; Darren. Whom the Masher tells his son to show off his moves and thus by doing so, kicks him in the crotch.


The masher is shown to be cruel and a hot-head. However like the protagonists of the movie, he is an opposition to Marty Wolf, and he actions are shown in a comedic way


Big Fat Liar


  • The Masher is sometimes thought to have been played by John Gatins, but this is not true, he is played by Brian Turk
  • He is has a son "Darren" who he refers to as "Little Mash"


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