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Maseo is dead. I'm all that's left, Sarab. A phantom.
~ Maseo to Oliver Queen
A man cannot live by two names.
~ Maseo

Maseo Yamishiro, also known as Sarab, (Arabic for Phantom), is the secondary antagonist in the third season of Arrow but is a supporting protagonist in the flashback storyline. He was once an A.R.G.U.S. agent and an old friend and handler of Oliver Queen. Following the death of his son Akio he became a member of the League of Assassins and one of Ras Al' Ghul's lieutenants and second-in-command.

He is portrayed by Karl Yune.


Maseo with his family, his wife named Tatsu, and his son named Akio, lived in Hong Kong, China. After Amanda Waller rescued Oliver from the shipwreck off the coast of Lian Yu, Amanda put Maseo in charge of Oliver in order to keep an eye on him and to have him perform missions for Waller. However, Amanda blackmailed Maseo and threatened to kill his family if Oliver escaped. After Oliver made an attempt to contact his family, he stopped Oliver and brought him back to Amanda Waller. To prevent Oliver from escaping yet again, Amanda threatened to make sure Oliver never leaves or she would kill Maseo's family. A few days later, Maseo ordered Oliver to kill Tommy Merlyn, as Waller couldn't risk Tommy finding out Oliver was still alive. Maseo told Oliver it's his own fault that he had to kill his best friend as when he logged onto his email account, it set off an account alert. He and Oliver devised a plan by kidnapping Tommy and claiming to Tommy that Oliver was dead and they hacked Oliver's account in hoping a family member would come. Maseo then "rescued" Tommy from Oliver who asked Tommy to get his father to pay a ransom.

Maseo later tasked Oliver to kill a terrorist, who was actually Edward Fyers's handler who had the intel on shooting down the Ferris air jet. After Oliver had the intel, Maseo told his son noĥt to let Oliver use his laptop though Oliver eventually persuaded his son. Maseo at first yelled at his son but Oliver would quickly take the blame. Maseo then was asked to meet with Amanda.

After gaining intel on Li Khuan Hui, he told Oliver and Tatsu that he'd drop by the docks for an hour to meet a contact. After several hours, Tatsu and Oliver searched for him where they believed he was killed. Maseo later revealed that the agents were in lockdown after the triad killed three agents.

Sometime later, he and Oliver kidnapped Triad members and tortured them for information. They learnt that the Triad wanted to steal the Omega virus. They infiltrated the facility at which it was kept, taking out the guards. They soon realized that the virus had been stolen, learning via security footage that an employee had done so. He kidnapped the employee, who begged for his life and offered his limited money. As Oliver began to torture him, Maseo realized that he perhaps could have been drugged and made to steal the virus, shocking Oliver that he had tortured all for nothing. Fearing for his family, Maseo returned home to find blood over a photo and Akio, who claimed that a white-haired woman took his mother.

League of Assassins

Not long after Akio dying in Hong Kong, Maseo, overwhelmed with guilt and grief, found his way to Nanda Parbat, after hearing the stories it could help him forge his guilt into something else, around the same time as Sara Lance, commenting that she was a strong warrior. From then, he was known only by the name Sarab (a translation of "Phantom", or "mirage"). This name was seemingly a reflection of feeling that he was dead and a ghost.

In 2014, he was present when Nyssa al Ghul had Oliver brought to her, telling him that he had extinguished her father's patience and that he had 48 hours to find Sara's killer. He disregarded Oliver's "confession" to killing Sara because she begged for death to get away from the League. He explained to Oliver that he had time to say goodbyes and gave him the location of where the trial by combat that Oliver had challenged Ra's to was going to take place. 48 hours later, Sarab watched as Oliver and Ra's fought. While initially being a relatively fair fight, if slightly leaning towards Ra's, Ra's soon beat down Oliver, stabbing him through the middle and kicking him off the mountain. After the battle between Ra's and Oliver, Maseo took Oliver's corpse to Tatsu, who revives him under unknown circumstances.

After bringing Oliver to Tatsu, Maseo prepares to return to Nanda Parbat. It is revealed he ended all contact with Tatsu several years ago, and he refuses Oliver's offer to come with him to Starling City. When Assassins from the League come to Tatsu's house, Maseo first attempts to conceal Tatsu and Oliver from them, then kills them when his ruse fails. He buries them, then cuts his own neck in order to provide an alibi, saying that he will tell Ra's that Oliver wounded him and escaped after killing the other Assassins. Despite a final plea from Tatsu, he departs for Nanda Parbat. He is later revealed to be Chase's contact with the League, receiving his report about Thea and Malcolm Merlyn.

After hearing that Oliver has refused the offer to become the leader of the Assassins, Maseo confronted him to make him embrace it. However, Oliver told him that killing people will not change anything.

Maseo wore an Arrow costume and killed Mayor Celia Castle during her meeting with Ray Palmer, Felicity Smoak, Quentin Lance, and Laurel Lance. He hesitated before taking a shot at Felicity.

Ray saved Felicity from being shot by Maseo's arrow, but is shot and critically wounded while doing so. Later, the Arrow, Black Canary, and Arsenal showed up to confront Maseo. Maseo and the League members fought the three vigilantes, but the three managed to defeat them. Oliver brings Maseo to the ground and aim an arrow, but is interrupted by Ra's al Ghul. The three vigilantes are forced to flee due to the arrival of the police while the assassins sneak away. Maseo later fought and captured Quentin outside the police station and brought him to Ra's. Ra's told Quentin that Oliver is the Arrow.

After Marcolm Merlyn commenced the raid on the plane carrying the bio-weapon to Starling City, along with his team of Diggle, Black Canary, Felicity and Tatsu Yamashiro, they were ambushed by members from the league of assassins including Maseo. Maseo and his wife engaged in battle and he was prepared to take her life before she countered and killed him instead, he died in her arms after thanking her for freeing him from his prison.


  • General Matthew Shrieve 
  • Mayor Celia Castle 
  • Several unnamed members of the Chineese Triad 
  • Several unnamed United States Army soldiers 
  • 6 unnamed members of the League of Assassins 
  • Numerous unnamed Starling City civilians (Direct, Caused and Indirectly Caused) 
  • Numerous counts of unnamed people (Caused and Direct)


  • Maseo is currently the only character other than Oliver to have killed a main antagonist in the flashbacks when he killed Shrieve, whereas Fyers, Ivo and Reiter were all killed by Oliver,


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