1000px-Masahiro Takenaka

Masahiro is a former Japanese Red army member who fled over seas. Masahiro is also the co-leader of the Protectors of the Islamic front.

He is calm and doesn't often lose his cool. When Rock and Revy go to deliver the documents given to them by Chang to the CIA agents on a deserted island, Masahiro pretends to be one and says the password Revy was told. Revy then reveals there was a second password for if the front got the first one. They engage in a gun battle where Masahiro has his men fight Revy while he takes Rock to interrogate him. When he returns to the base with Rock, Ibraha impatiently shouts at Rock threatening to shoot him if he doesn't say where the documents are. Takenaka questions Rock on many things but ends up answering Rock's own questions about himself. Later when Revy attacks the base with Shenhua, he and his men chase Revy and the group in vehicles. Ibraha tries to tell their men to continue following even though there forces are were being picked off by Revy and Shenhua but is shot by Masahiro who sees that he is emotionally compromised by the death of his son due to American forces. Later he appears in an airport in Japan about the plans for their next attack.