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Mary Mason is the protagonist villain in the horror film American Mary. She is a former med student who while trying to a job as a stripper and got involved in the world of body motification.

She is protrayed by Katherine Isabelle, who also played Ginger Fitzgerald.

Role in the film

Mary Mason was a medical student on her way to becoming a surgeon. To pay her bills, she accepts a job of being a stripper. Before her interview concludes, her new boss Billy Barker takes her to the strip clubs basement to preform suergery on a man who has been tortured on the clubs property, paying her to do so. She pulls through with the surgery, but is digusted at what she did.  Several days later, a stripper named Beatress asked Mary to surgically alter her to make her resemble Betty Boop, and after that, a woman named Ruby pays Mary to alter her so she won't be a sex symbol; the suregery involved Ruby having her nipples cut off and vagina sown together. Ruby's husband isn't happy with it and blames it on Mary. 

Later, at a party with her colluges, Mary is roofied and raped by her mentor, Dr. Grant. In retaliation, she hires the strip clubs enforcers to abduct him. They take Grant to Mary, and she preforms a bod mod suregery on him - cutting off his limbs, altering his genitals, and sewing his mouth shut, all without the use of anestetetic. She drops out of med school afterwards.

Soon she becomes an offical suergon for body modifications, willing to preform any surgery her clients wish, a notable one his two twins having their left arms extanged and horns placed on their heads. It turns out she has been keeping Grant alive in a dark room where he is suspended, and tortures him regularly. A sequrity gaurd finds him, and Mary kills him. She finds out that Ruby's husband is stalking her for his wifes surgery. She also witnisses Billy reciving oral sex from one of his strippers. Knowing Billy had feelings for her, she is hurt and threatens the stripper. At the end of the film Mary is attacked by Ruby's husband. She manages to kill him but is critically injured. She attempts to sew herself up, but bleeds out. 

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