Mary Lew

Mary Lew is a villainess from Supernatural, appearing in Season Eight's "Southern Comfort."

She was played by Chilton Crane.

Mary was married to Chester Lew, but 30 years before they were married, Chester took another girl, Sara Alcott Brown, to their high school prom. Mary held a grudge against Sara ever since then. Shortly before the episode's events, Mary became possessed by the ghost of Vance Collins, also known as The Unknown Soldier, when a cursed coin ended up in her possession. Mary turned villainous by snarling at Chester about Sara while he was working on his car and kicked away the jack, which was holding up the car. At that moment, the evil Mary entered the vehicle and ran over Chester, killing him, and she later carved the name "Alcott" on his body. Mary is later handcuffed to a hospital bed, no longer possessed and having little memory of what happened.


  • Chilton Crane previously appeared on the series in Season Two's "Croatoan," but not as an antagonist.
  • Chilton Crane also appeared in Poltergeist: The Legacy's second season episode, "Rough Beast," portraying the villainous Anne Lasker.