This has been happening to me all of my life! My entire fucking life! I've already tried to save you when you were young, but I failed. Your predicament is inevitable. I should've realized that from the start. There's nothing else I can do for you, but bide you time. And for John? I had him removed from the equation. He was working for them, trying to get to me like the rest. It's all a clever fucking facade, just like Robert. Did you really think that those ashes were Milo's? You gullible fucker. Those ashes were from his dead cat. His body disappeared, just like all the others do. They get taken. I know this, and I know a lot of things.
~ Mary to Noah Maxwell.

Mary Asher also known as Cursor of The Collective, is the aunt of Noah Maxwell, the mother of Milo Asher (Mr. Scars), and villainess of the YouTube horror series, TribeTwelve.


Mary had mental problems since she was a child, claiming that she could see a tall man that she called Mr. Slim. Some time after Milo was born, she married John Fletcher. Noah had not had much contact with her until Milo's Funeral. Eventually, Mary left Fletcher and disappeared. Noah attempted to find her, but had difficulties.

On November 11, 2011, Noah tweeted that Mary had called him. He mentioned that the tall man was in his house. Noah fled to a hotel, but was temporarily captured by the Observer and Firebrand.

When he took over Noah's Formspring, the Observer says that he "used to know" Mary. He says that she is a pawn, and a "priority".

As Cursor

Cursor appears on the video HAPPYBIRTHDAY, along with other members of The Collective,  during the video Obituary. Cursor was revealed to be Mary Asher, after Noah read the newspaper.

Cursor appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, to the left of Swain.

In "November 11th", Noah mentions that during the call she had mentioned that she knew about the Observer, Slender Man, and what had been happening to him.

During the "Mary Asher Phone Call" video, she discusses several key aspects with Noah. These include that she has also been stalked by the Slender Man and members of the Collective and that she has read the journal thatKarl Maxwell has in his possession.

During the video, The Manifest, it was revealed that she was a member of the cult known as the Order. She was said to be recruited by a man in the southern chapter by a man named Henka Visae.

In "DEUS EX MACHINA," Cursor appears along with Firebrand and Mr. Scars. Her face appears within a safe as Firebrand narrates. It is not made clear why she is depicted until "Obituary"

In "Obituary," while Noah is about to open a letter sent to him by an unknown person or entity, he gets a call from his mother telling him that Mary Asher was found dead in a pond while in her car. After hanging up the phone, Noah opens the letter. Inside it contains a news story about her death. It goes into detail, stating that her death was ruled a homicide due to her being in the passenger's seat, having a gunshot through her abdomen, and having black tape over her eyes. Noah realizes that Cursor and Mary are one and the same. Previously, Noah had acknowledged similarities in Mary's and Cursor's appearances.

Mr. Scars had been previously referred to as "theonewhokillsmary" by the Observer. Noah has theorized that Mr. Scars is Milo, which was later confirmed in Milo's Tape. Its said in the video that Milo denounces his mother for sacrificing him in order to save herself and shoots her in the stomach.