Marty is the main character in The Haunting Hour episode "Catching Cold". Marty is a sweet-tooth lazy boy who always "borrows" money from his parents and sister, and spends most of the time in his messy room.


He hears an ice cream truck passing by his house and immediately runs out of his room to buy ice cream. Outside, he chases the sketchy ice cream truck that has a flavor called Kreamy Cold but fails to catch up with it, as the unseen ice cream man is driving too fast.

The next day, Marty asked his best friend, Ari if he saw the mysterious ice cream truck. Ari tells him that he didn't see or hear the truck, confusing Marty.

A Post-man overhears Marty and Ari's conversation about Kreamy Kold, and tells them that when he was a kid he knew a boy named Jimmy Jeffries who got into the truck and the next day he was gone.

Later that night, Marty wakes up hearing the rather ominous rendition of "Pop Goes the Weasel" that is the Kreemy Kold truck's theme, and decides to find out where it's coming from. He walks outside discovering the Kreamy Kold truck leaving him an ice cream cone on his doorstep. After taking a bite out of it, Marty becomes addicted and craves for more Kreamy Kold ice cream.

He starts to get even more obsessed with catching the truck after he realizes that he is the only one who can see and hear it.

Marty sells Ari a bike his father gave him, finally earning money to buy some Kreamy Kold ice cream.

That night, he tricks his parents into letting him go outside (Claiming that he wants to try out the bike) and stop the truck using his father's spike strips. After getting in, Marty encounters Jimmy Jeffries, who is a now an insane man, frozen on the back. Jimmy tells Marty that the truck has a mind of its own and that he's been waiting 30 years for someone to give his soul to the Kreamy Kold truck to power it so he won't have to do it anymore. Marty tries to escape, but it is too late as the doors close. He screams for help as he ends up stuck inside the truck until someone else takes his place. "Until then," says Jeffries, laughing hysterically "It's all you can eat! IT'S ALL YOU CAN EAT!"