Martina is a villainess from "The Spirit of Television," from the third and final season of Friday the 13th: The Series.

She was played by Susan Cox.

Martina was a designer and mentor for fellow designer Genevieve, a friend of Micki Foster. She passed away years prior to the episode's events, but in the episode, Martina's spirit appeared while Genevieve, Micki, and Johnny participated in a reading from Ilsa Van Zandt, who was using a cursed TV set. After the reading, Martina was sent by Ilsa to kill Genevieve, with the now villainous Martina laughing evilly at the request. Martina appeared to Genevieve while she was working at her studio, and began berating Genevieve for stealing her designs and claiming them as her own. Genevieve's attempt to escape Martina led her to fall into her bathtub, while the cackling Martina moved closer to her victim. The TV that maintained Martina's evil spirit fell in the tub, electrocuting and killing Genevieve.