I love an appropriate way, I mean. If I didn't, you'd be dead, of course.
~ Martin to the GTA Online Protagonist
Mr. Madrazo, man... Mr. Madrazo is a legitimate businessman. He was wrongfully accused of running a Mexican-American gang and a narcotics ring, but the charges were dropped 'cause of the witnesses came up... missing.
~ Franklin Clinton tells Michael De Santa about Martin's background history to the best of his knowledge
You! You're a dead man! Green light! Green light! Martin Madrazo give you green light!
~ Natalia, Martin's mistress warns Michael that Mr. Madrazo is furious at him and Franklin for what they did to his house

Martin Madrazo appears as a supporting character and an antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V as well as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

He is the head of his own Mexican American drug cartel, being a powerful and wealthy criminal living in Los Santos with his wife Patricia.

Madrazo had several court cases involving his gang activity, but was not convicted yet as the witnesses who was to testify him were eliminated. He also mistreats and cheats on his wife Patricia.

Events of GTA V

After Michael De Santa pulled down Madrazo's mistress' deck, believing it is the home of a tennis coach that slept with Michael's wife, Madrazo sends several hitmen in an attempt to have Michael and Franklin killed, but they fail. Madrazo then appears himself and beats Michael with his baseball bat, then Franklin told him who Madrazo is. The crime boss then wants Michael to pay for the damage he caused. Michael with the help of his friend Lester Crest then robs the jewel store and pay back Madrazo.

Madrazo then hires Trevor Phillips and Michael to take out his cousin, Javier Madrazo, because he plans to testify against him with some files as evidence. Madrazo sets up a gun in the hills, so Michael uses to shoot down the plane Javier was in. Trevor then heads to the crash, assassinates Javier who survived the crash and gets the files. When Madrazo refused to pay Trevor for the job, the Canadian angrily cuts his ear off, kidnaps his wife and, steals his car, returning to his trailer.

In order to prevent Madrazo from having him and Trevor murdered for the incident, Michael retrieved an Azteca fertility statue from a sunken container and handed it over to Madrazo as a peace offering. Madrazo's wife is returned to him, but Trevor threatens to kill him if he mistreats her again so Madrazo leaves the two alone. Later on, Patricia will occasionally contact Trevor and tell him Martin is treating her much better.


  • Martin Madrazo is one of the few characters in GTA V to never appear outside of cutscenes.
  • He is about 5'9 and 230 lbs.