Martin Hatch is the secondary antagonist of 2016 video game, Quantum Break. He is the CEO of Monarch Solutions and Paul Serene's second-in command.

He is portrayed by Lance Reddick.

Hatch is first seen when Paul Serene returns from the attack on the university. Once Serene has arrived at the base, Hatch welcomes him and tells him that the transport supposed to bring Jack Joyce in is overdue and that he believes that there is a traitor inside Monarch. He also reminds Serene of the captured eye witnesses from the university, asking whether they should be executed, possibly leading to the public asking questions, or whether Hatch should broadcast a PR strategy instead, leaving them with the loose ends.

After Serene has made his choice, Hatch makes a phone call to the hacker Charlie to organize the hunt for Jack Joyce. He then returns to Serene, unhappy with him for taking the threat of the traitor inside far to lightly. His tone causes Serene to remind him that while Hatch is the face of Monarch, Serene is still the one running the show.