Martin Burgess

Martin Burgess was a Mauzhertz, a member of a race of mice like creatures, renound for being cowards and weaklings. He was a timid man, however following years of abuse from his aging father, he went insane and became a spree-killer. Murdering men who reminded him of his late father.

Lacking the phyiscal prowless to overpower his foes, he would show his weak and cowardlyness, and wait for them to let him off and then he would strike.


He tried to intervean when Leonard Drake was arguing with his girlfriend Nataline Haverstraw, who Martin had a crush on. However he lost his nerve, Drake chased him into the garage and threatened to hurt him, however after letting him go, Martin attacked and killed Drake before dumping his body in the garbage. Later he did the same with Andy Salazar an agressive gas station attendant who verbaly abused Martin, but let him go when Martin cowered infront of them, Martin then murdered Andy. While leaving the appartment he was attacked by Mason Snider, who was a Lausenschlange (a snake like creature that was the natural predator of Martin's race) however Mason let him go. Martin later confronted Mason, Mason however laughed him down and told him it was just nature's way, he was strong and Martin was weak, Martin tried to attack Mason, but Mason casually overpowered him, once again Martin cowered and Mason let Martin go. Taking a bronze trophy from Mason's chest he beat Mason to death, then stole his car. He then tried to date Nataline, claiming he bought the car of Mason. However at the restuarant, rosed by the sound of a father shouting at his son, Martin confronted him, once again Martin cowered then hit the man. Looking arround he found he saw everyone in the Resturant as another version of his father. Now nearly completely insane, Martin then escaped and kidnapped Nataline. He was chased into his junk shop by Nick and Hank, Nick started to call him out on all he had done, seeing his reflection Martin found now even he reminded him of his father, overcome with despair he collapsed and the police caught him.