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Martin Bristol is the villain of two independent slasher films by Stevan Mena, serving as the primary antagonist of the 2004 film Malevolence and then the secondary antagonist of the 2010 prequel Bereavement.

Four actors have portrayed Martin:

  • Jay Cohen portrays a 17-year old Martin in Malevolence
  • David K. Guida portrays a six-year old Martin in Malevolence
  • Spencer List as an eleven-year old Martin in Bereavement
  • Chase Pechacek as a six-year old Martin in Bereavement



Whilst out sitting on a swing in his back garden, a six-year old Martin is approached by a psychopath named Graham Sutter and kidnapped. Sutter takes Martin to a farmhouse, where he begins to murder people in front of the young boy, eventually causing Martin himself to turn psychotic.


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A decade since his abduction, Martin resides at the farmhouse himself. One day in the evening a young girl named Courtney Harrison arrives at the farmhouse for help, as she and her mother have been kidnapped by robbers and she managed to escape. Unaware to the girl she ran into the home of a serial killer. Martin abducts her, and murders one of the robbers who comes looking for her, and then takes the man's sack which he uses as a mask.

Martin heads to a nearby abandoned house, where Courtney's mother Samantha is kept bound and gagged. Two other robbers named Julian and Marylin arrive at the house oblivious to what has happened, or the fact there is a hostage. Martin watches outside through the window as Julian and Marylin ask what is going on, and assume their fellow robber who Martin has just murdered has done a runner. Julian leaves in order to drive about and go on the lookout while Marylin remains at the house with Samantha in order to count the money from the robbery. After Julian's departure, Martin lets himself into the house. When he allows the door to shut to, Marylin hears it but assumes Samantha is trying to escape and drags her away from the door (still tied up) and into another section to watch her. When Marylin hears bumping around upstairs, she goes to check it out but sees nothing and returns downstairs. Martin creeps down behind her, and Samantha attempts to warn her but can't because she is gagged. Marylin turns to Martin when realising something is wrong, and assumes he is her missing acquaintance, only for him to start stabbing her to death. During the commotion, Samantha manages to wriggle away and hide.

Julian returns to find Marylin missing. He finds Samantha in the closet, and ungags her and tries to find out what is going on. Samantha believes it is the missing robber behind it, and begs that he should call the police. Julian briefly leaves, but returns and unties Samantha and they begin to look for her daughter.

They come across the farmhouse, where they get into confrontation with Martin. Martin captures Samantha and hangs her by her wrists in the basement, and sits up a bound Courtney in the corner so she can witness Martin killing her mother - a similar act when Martin's captor forced him to watch him murder a young woman years prior. But before Martin can kill Samantha Julian intervenes and the three of them make their escape from Martin. Courtney and Samantha escape, just as the police arrive. When Julian leaves the house, he is gunned down by police as he is armed.

After the incident, Martin isn't found. The police come across a diary of the psychotic murderer Graham Sutter and his time with Martin, claiming that over time the boy became more psychotic and Sutter predicted the boy would kill him (which turned out to be true).

Samantha and Courtney began to try and get back to ordinary life. One night Courtney asks to sleep with Samantha, which she accepts and they cuddle up together. While the pair sleep, the closet door behind them begins to open...

Trivia Edit

  • Martin shares similarities to other slasher villains such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, as they are silent, kill their victims with the use of a sharp object and are masked. Martin also wears a sack over his head in the first film, similar to Jason's original disguise.
  • Steven Mena intended a third film in his Malevolence series, which is titled Killer: Malevolence 3 and would have acted as a direct sequel to the original film. He managed to shoot around 70% of the film, but after the death of a lead actor which would have meant reshoots that Steven's budget would have prohibited, the film ended up being stopped for an uncertain amount of time. The plot of the film would have shown Martin returning to his former childhood home with an agent named William Perkins following his trail of terror, and Martin's parents being informed that their son is alive after all this time and that he is responsible for the spree killings plaguing the town. Although not released, Steven Mena did release screencaps of the movie.
  • Since Bereavement serves as a prequel to Malevolence, and Martin was the main antagonist in Malevolence, that would make him a Dragon Ascendant.