Martin having a drink

Martin Barrow

Martin Barrow is the main antagonist in the 2015 film, Get Hard.

He is portrayed by Craig T. Nelson.


Martin is the boss of James King (the protagonist) and the father of the latter's fiancee, Alissa. When James discovers that he's been wrongfully convicted of tax evasion and is set to serve a ten-year prison sentence, he turns to Martin for help. When James contacts him again, Martin orders his henchman, Peter and a hitman named Gayle to kill James and Darnell. After numerous hilarious scenarios, James and Darnell deduce that Martin is the crook (which was hinted at earlier), at which point they sneak into Martin's house and discover embezzlement records on his computer. Determined to expose Martin, they infiltrate his yacht and grab the files. Martin approaches them and confesses to the crime, and Alissa admits that she was in on the scheme. In the end, he, Alissa, Peter and Gayle are taken into custody.