Martin Barrow is the main antagonist in the 2015 film, Get Hard.

He is portrayed by Craig T. Nelson.


Martin is the head of Barrow Funds, the boss of James King (the protagonist), and the father of the latter's fiancee, Alissa.

Martin was present at Alissa's engagement party to James as John Mayer portrays "Daughters" with James King. Then he witnesses the FBI come in where they arrest James for fraud and embezzlement. Martin enlists his lawyer Peter Penny to defend James. When James is found guilty and given 30 days to get his affairs out of his way before his 10 year sentence in San Quentin Prison, James turns to Martin for help to clear his name.

When James contacts him again during a phone call at the golf course, Martin scold Peter for not persuading James into taking the deal. In addition to hearing about Darnell helping James prepare for prison, Martin sends his minion Gayle to find out everything he can about Darnell.

After numerous hilarious scenarios, James and Darnell deduce that Martin is the crook (which was hinted at earlier), at which point they sneak into Martin's house and discover embezzlement records on his computer only to be thwarted by Gayle.

Determined to expose Martin, they infiltrate his yacht and grab the files. Martin approaches them and confesses to the crime while mentioning the motive being the fact that Himalayan Tiger had tanked and that he had to get the money somewhere. Alissa admits that she was in on the scheme. Thanks to the cut ankle monitor that he hid on him, James lured the U.S. Marshals to the boat where James stated that Peter giving him the ankle monitor came in handy.

By sunrise, Martin, Alissa, and Gayle are arrested and James was cleared of the embezzlement charges. However, James did have an unregistered gun and only spent 6 months in San Quentin Prison. While James was prepared for prison, Martin was not as he calls for the guards to help him with the approaching inmates. During his time in prison, James did help the FBI recover all the money that Martin embezzled.