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Martin is one of the two main antagonists of the Seinfeld episode, The Suicide, alongside Newman.


After Martin sees Jerry talking with his girlfriend Gina, he thinks he's hitting on her. Later he attempts to kill himself with pills because Gina broke up with. Later at the hospital, Gina and Jerry are in front of Martin's bed and Gina is pushing Jerry to make out with her right in front of Martin. Later when Jerry leaves his apartment with Gina, Kramer and Newman see them leave and Newman evilly. Later while Jerry, Kramer and Newman later visit Martin at the hospital, Newman threatens to tell Martin about Jerry and Gina. Lucky Jerry offers Newman a Drake's Coffee Cake if he promises to keep quiet about it. However Elaine enters the room, takes the Coffee Cake and eats it. Newman tells Martin about Jerry and Gina and Martin grabs Jerry by the neck and strangles him. Kramer tries to help Jerry fight Martin off. At the very end of the episode, It is revealed that Martin and Gina have gotten back together and moved in together.

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