Martin injecting the flies with serum

Martin is the secondary antagonist of Max & Co.

Martin is an evil simian doctor hired by Rodolfo to "solve" St. Hilary's fly problem. He uses a wheelchair with robotic, spider-like legs and captures flies to inject them with a serum that makes them breed rapidly. Martin and Rodolfo discover that the flies are being turned into monsters, they realize their plan is working. When Max and the townsfolk storm Bzzz & Co. to stop the flies and save St. Hilary, Martin traps them in a huge net, but the friends escape and knock him down an elevator shaft. Martin survives, but as soon as Max destroys the fly launcher, the wicked scientist is tossed into a huge door.


  • Martin's sinister voice is provided by Denis Podalydes.
  • His face is reminiscent of Dr. Christian Szell from Marathon Man.