"Hello, Officer Bleichert! Did you come to pay your respects or fuck my sister?!"
~ Martha sarcastically greeting Bucky as she blames him for her mother commiting suicide
Martha McConville Linscott is a minor character in the neo noir crime-thriller 2006 film The Black Dahlia. She is the youngest daughter of Emmett Linscott and Ramona Linscott and half-sister of Madeleine Linscott. She's revealed to being an accomplice with her family's dark and twisted connection with Elizabeth Short and withholds evidence for not just for her sake but for her family's name. Eventually, Martha is forced to confess when Officer Bleichert blackmails her. She is portrayed by actress Rachel Miner.
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The Black Dahlia (2006)

In the film, she's a bright, vital, attractive woman who carries on a normal conversation, one might call it a small investigation, with Bleichert. Martha takes pleasure in artistic drawing and offers to do sketches for other people (most of which are revealed to be pornography).

After her unstable mother commits suicide, Martha is visably upset by the situation as she opens the front door with tears running down her face to see Bucky Bleichert. She's quick to blame Bleichert for her mother's death and bluntly asks him if he's at her mansion to pay his respects or to make love to her sister. Bucky tells her that an officer by the name of Lee Blanchard had been to her mansion before, asking her questions about the relationship between Madeleine and The Dahlia. Martha denies this but the revelation makes it difficult for her to keep a straight face—as it causes her to tear up even more and her face to suffer multiple facial tics, as she's been withholding evidence and is accomplice in her family's involvement and murder of the late Elizabeth Short. Caught at her weakest moment, Bucky blackmails her asking her where her sister is. Having no choice, Martha reveals to Bucky that her sister Madeleine has retreated to a seedy motel with a G.I as her date for the evening.


"Have you met Balto in the hallway?"
~ Martha asking Bucky what does he think of their stuffed pet dog
~ Martha's answer to the question of where the Linscott family built construction for their homes and movies