Charles Napier as Marshall Murdock in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Rambo, John J. Born 7-6-47 in Bowie, Arizona. Of Indian-German descent - that's a hell of a combination. Joined the army 8-6-64. Accepted special forces, specialization: light weapon, medic, helicopter and language qualified. 59 confirmed kills. Two Silver Stars, four Bronze, four Purple Hearts. Distinguished Service Cross and Medal of Honor. You got around, didn't you? Incredible.
~ Murdock reading Rambo's file.

Marshall Murdock is the secondary antagonist of the 1985 film Rambo: First Blood Part II.

He was portrayed by Charles Napier.


Murdock is a bureaucrat that is conducting a search for American POWs still in Vietnam. After meeting Rambo, he briefs him for the search then advises he photograph the prisoners, not rescue them. He also warns Rambo not to engage the enemy. Rambo agrees at first but he ignores the order and rescues a POW. Once he hears Rambo calling for extraction, Murdock calls off the extraction helicopter fearing what will happen when the public hears about it. After Rambo's capture, Trautman and Murdock radio Podovsky's camp for the veteran. Instead of radioing for pickup, Rambo makes a threat that he will come for Murdock then escapes. Hours later, Rambo and the prisoners return to Murdock's base and Murdock tries to explain why he left him to rot. Rambo gives a serious warning "You know there's more men out there and you know where they are. Find 'em. Or I'll find you." meaning that Murdock rescue the other prisoners of war. After this incident, Mudock is presumed to have been convinced and is never seen again.

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