I'll have you know that I've taken out half a dozen villains with more power than you before I showed up to work today. Do you know how I, a lowly human, can do that while the rest of you fly around this city like you're gods? I can take you down because I'm just that much better than you. Take away your powers and you're nothing. Nothing! I win because I want it more than you. I win because I will never give up.
~ Marshal Brass: City of Villains

Leon Brass is a decorated Arachnos veteran in the MMO, City of Villains. Brass has been overseeing Cap Au Diable for years. After the death of former Governor which lead to Doctor Aeon's rise to power Brass was assigned to babysit Dr. Aeon's rule over Cap-Au-Diable. Though Aeon may officially hold power on the cape he rarely attends to the day to day duties of office and spends most of his time locked away in his labs conducting his experiments and so Marshal Brass and his assistant Olivia Darque manage the bureaucratic and security issues of Cap-Au-Diable.

The Aeon Conspiracy

Marshal Brass may contact villains in the game once the reach threat levels fifteen and will remain available up to threat level twenty and will ask for help dealing with a super-villain called Professor Echo. Echo had been sabotaging many of Arachnos facilities particularly ones holding the research and or prized experiment of Doctor Aeon and Brass will ask the player villain to stop him and bring him in. The first encounter with Professor Echo indicated that he was mad as he was speaking of things that had not occurred yet and in an incorrect tense of speech but he warned the villain that the Doctor Aeon's Power Transfer Station was going to plunge Cap-Au-Diable into a disaster. Professor Echo teleported away as he was facing defeat. Doctor Aeons Power Transfer Station siphoned thermal energy from a volcanic vein underground to power the entire city so Professor Echo's attempts to continually sabotage it would prove a huge upset for Arachnos. Over the course of working for Brass though the player villain will find that in fact the Power Transfer Station was not exploiting an underground Volcanic vein, it was in fact tapping into a powerful demon king named Bat'Zul who had been sealed in the Volcano looming over Cap-Au-Diable by a super-hero exorcist named Father Henri many years ago. Doctor Aeon had not known at first the vein was a living creature but soon afterwords had discovered it, Aeon simply had not told anyone including Brass for fear he would lose the respect the invention had afforded him. As the quest-line goes on Brass and the player-villain will discover Professor Echo is the in-fact Doctor Aeon's future-self, Echo had apparently created a time travel device to go back in time and destroy the Power Transfer Station before the Bat'Zul escaped to wreak havoc on Cap-Au-Diable. Professor Echo reappears several times and each time gives further warning about the Power Transfer Station but ultimately the player villain will defeat him. After finally defeating Professor Echo Marshal Brass thanks the player-villain and sends them on their way telling them he will be keeping a closer eye on Dr. Aeon and Arachnos will be watching Bat'Zul very closely from their on and ready to pull the plug on Doctor Aeon's invention the second Bat'Zul began to stir within it's prison.

Reappearances and Station

Though the mission-arc against Echo is the last time Marshal Brass can be worked with he is mentioned through-out the game and in various parts of the Rogue Isles as one of the most powerful people in Arachnos who is not a Patron or Arbiter. Brass is also spoken to in a short story-arc called “Origins of Power”, where the player villain must investigate experts on the five origin types within the game Natural, Mutant, Magic, Science and Technology. When consulted with on Natural origin super powers Brass shows utter disdain for anyone who is not a Natural Origin super-villain. Brass claims that others fly around his city like they are glowing gods but he can and has taken down every single one of them that crosses Arachnos himself simply because he is that well trained and has the drive to succeed over any so-called super-hero. Brass is called in by name whenever Lord Recluse or Arbiter Daos need to call in the reserve soldiers from their various security posts through-out the Rogue Isles.