Oh, Leader! Please do not desert me!"
~ Armor begging for forgiveness from Great Leader after being defeated by V3

Marshal Armor is Destron's final general in plated armor who comes from Mongolia. Most of his monsters in his Armored Division are mutated versions of armored animals. He wields an oversized spiked mace in one hand and practices dark magic. Pronounces Destron as "Deeestron". He frames scientist Joji Yuki for treason, he kill Joji throwing in the acid he survive but your lose the arm,inviate Katagiri contacts his sister, who is a nurse, to assist in Yuki's cybernetic operation. But Destron is watching and sends Sickleneck-Tortoise to kill them. fearing his position in Destron is in jeopardy, creating a rival in Riderman. Find your slave and forced attack the Kamen rider.

He inserts the parasite in the people in order to create horrible monsters to attack the city and committing mass murder of many innocent people and to take Earth's gas.

Marshal Armor sends mutant Rhino-Tank, disguised as Santa Claus, to lure children into the House of Good Fortune, in order to train them as future Destron commandants.After Rino-Tank he defeated by Kamen Riders.

Pinned against a cliff by a bulldozer V3 uses his Reverse Double Typhoon to save himself and infiltrates the Destron outpost. He saves Yuki Joji who was trapped in an execution chamber, but Destron mercilessly pummels V3, who was injured in his battle with Rhino-Tank. Yuki finally sees Destron's cruelty, but will he rescue V3 or the kidnapped children? Which way will Riderman go?

New Year's card from Marshal Armor arrives for Yuki Joji, so he and Kazami Shiro investigate the return address. When they split up and enter the manor, Coelacanth-Kid attacks V3 and Riderman falls into Marshal Armor's hands. The mutant takes on Joji's form, becoming "Destron Riderman" in order to wipe out Shiro and the Rider Scouts. Shiro is tricked by the fake Joji and is thrown off of a cliff! Then the evil imposter makes his way to Rider Scouts HQ. After the Great Leader he arrives in the japan, meanwhile the Kamen rider fighting Destron mutant Thorned-Starfish puts into action his plan to annihilate Tokyo. After he is defeat by Kamen rider.

After he ordered th monster Chameleon thiev bullet and they must infiltrate Destron's Tokyo outpost. But, Marshal Armor and Chameleon are waiting to welcome them. Marshal Yoroi became Zariganna in his final battle against Kamen Rider V3. After being defeated by V3's V3 Full-Revolving Kick, he reverts back to his human form and despite surviving the encounter, he was destroyed by the Great Leader of Destron for failing defeat V3. In Kamen Rider Spirits, he's restored in a new Crab Inhumanoid body and seeks to eliminate his former rival Riderman. He was ultimately destroyed by Riderman's Machine Gun Arm.


  • In Kamen Rider V3, Marshal Yoroi was portrayed by Bunya Nakamura (中村 文弥 Nakamura Bunya?).
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