Ludwig was a normal man (but rich) with a very happy family. However, one day, his wife was killed because of crime on the site. He ended thus embodying the god of war and the planet Mars, known as the "Mars".


Mars, before Abzu Meteor arrives

Mars used its powers to try to kill the murderer of his wife, but ended up not finding it because the entire planet is full of people like that. He realized that to purify the human world, he should give the earth's energy to your planet, and thus build an equal, but purified world, on the planet.


Mars, after Abzu Meteor arrives

This plan, immediately caused a war against Athena, goddess of the earth, however, Medea, the new Mars woman invokes a meteor to bring on earth, Abzu, god of darkness; she wanted Abzu was revived, using the darkness that her husband would win by manipulating both Mars, as Abzu (and make a world ruled by darkness, and want Abzu); Aria, one of the babies brought into the meteor is captured by Mars, which uses its light to carry out their plans. It was then that Mars had a second son, Eden, who falls for Aria.

Mars returns with the element of darkness in your body (and because that element, can make darkness hurts in the people), and in the second fight against Athena, it is almost destroyed, staying in recovery.

During the recovery of Mars body, he did Ionia betrays Athena, and made Palaestra, a school to former servants, that thinks he is an ally of Athena, and Aria is Athena. But, after this, some gold saints served Mars, and know that Aria is not Athena, but wants her as the new Athena.

Mars returns for the third time, kidnaps Athena (taking her to the Planet Mars), and decides to use ruins to absorb the Earth's Cosmo, and hold all students of the school of the saints, the Tower of Babel, who will send their energy to Mars; he destroys the sanctuary and blames Kouga and the other rebels saints (but with Aria's power, create a new 12 Temples around the Babel tower).

But, knowing that their darkness can wake Abzu, Mars imprisons Seiya, waiting for him to defeat the god of darkness when you wake up.

Mars back to his planet, about the same as Earth, but regrets at the end; however, it does not have the strength to make it all back to normal, and drops dead.