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Diamond Pearl Mars

Mars was a commander of Team Galactic in the Pokemon video game and anime franchise. Her main Pokemon is her Purugly.

In the anime

Mars made her debut appearance in Losing Its Lustrous!. She, along with Saturn attempted to steal the Lustrous Orb from the Celestic Town museum. She also appeared in Double Team Turnover! where she informed Cyrus that the Red Chain project is nearing completion.

Mars appeared again in Steeling Peace of Mind! along with her Purugly. She had brought the Spear Key to Iron Island where she activated the ruins in the island to find the exact location of the Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet. After failing to complete the task in Saving the World From Ruins!, she attempted to blow up the island on Cyrus's orders but she failed due to Riley and his Lucario.

She later appeared in The Needs of the Three! and The Battle Finale of Legend!. After the disappearance of Cyrus, she became distraught and even tried following him, but was stopped by Saturn. The duo, along with Jupiter, were later arrested.

In the games

In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Mars first appeared in the valley windworks (along with Charon in Platinum, who she hates). She encountered the player for the first time and after being defeated she leaves with the electricity she generated which is later used to create the Galactic bomb.

She then appeared in Lake Verity where she manages to capture the legendary Pokemon Mesprit. She manages to defeat Lucas/Dawn but is defeated by the player again despite being successful in her mission and intent on getting payback.

She then appeared at Spear Pillar along with Cyrus and Jupiter. She and Jupiter ended battling the player and their rival in a double battle but loses again. In Platinum she was shocked at Cyrus's disappearance into the Distortion World.

In Platinum she was seen one last time at Stark Mountain along with Jupiter and Charon. However, she was more concerned about the whereabouts of Cyrus rather than Charon and his plan. After being defeated the final time she quit Team Galactic along with Jupiter. Her goal was to find Cyrus, who was missing in the Distortion World.

Mars Pokemon



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