Here dying, join my legion of undeath. Your blood, the roses on unhallow'd graves!
~ ~Elmdore, as Zalera

Maquis Elmdor is a character in the game Final Fantasy Tactics. He was originally a war veteran who was made a noble for his services to the kingdom of Ivalice. When the kingdom split between Bestrald Larg and Duke Goltanna as possible heirs to the throne Elmdor sided with Goltanna as a loyal general and remained in control in the east territory of Limberry as it's Marquis. In the first chapter of the game the hero, Ramza Beoulve, rescues Elmdor from the terrorist group, Corpse Brigade.

Over the course of the game the Lucavi, demon-like harbingers of St. Ajora that pose as holy saints, bargin with many people of influence in Ivalice offering them power in exchange for becoming their anchors to the world and effectively possessing them. It is unknown what Elmdor got out of his bargin with the Lucavi, but after Ramza re-encounters Elmdor he quickly recognizes the signs of Lucavi possession and that Elmdor had become an unholy monster. Elmdor has two assassins called Celia and Lettie as his constant companions, both later reveal themselves to be demons, it is unknown if they were also possessed or demons from start just in disguise.

Elmdor has a varity of techniques mimicing the game's Samurai job class that allows him to unleash the bound spirits of weapons, Elmdor, Celia and Lettie all have the power to infect characters with a special form of undeath that not only makes them harmed by healing but turns them into enemy units after sucking their blood. In the final battle with Elmdor he transforms into Zalera, the Lucavi angel of death.


  • Though Elmdor is never specifically identified as vampire the description of his abilities strongly implies it.
  • Elmdor's Lucavi zodiac stone that allowed Zalera's pact is Gemini.
  • "Zalera" is an anagram of "Azrael", the Hebrew and Christian Angel of Death.
  • The game's library states Elmdor was a devout member of the Church of Glabdos, which could mean he was not tempted into accepting Zalera but may well have offered himself freely thinking he would become an instrument of god.
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