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Ahoy! Yo! Yo! Yo ho hooooo! Prep for the battle, prep for the war! Little lady Rifle gon' even da score! Ya'll think you can escape with your pride? Nuh uh, you just gon' be straight up denied! Yo! Yo! Yo ho ho! Yo! Yo! Yo ho hooooo!
~ Marlon Rimes
Marlon Rimes is a villain in the 2013 3DS video game Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Specifically, he is the main antagonist of the DLC case Turnabout Reclaimed. He is an aquarist at the Shipshape Aquarium who hated Orla the orca because he believed her to be responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

Prior to the case

Prior to the case, Marlon Rimes was dating a girl named Azura Summers, who worked at the aquarium. She would send videos of her training with the aquarium orca, Ora Shipley, to Marlon very often via phone.

A year later, Marlon decided to attend one of her shows called "Swashbuckler Spectacular" at the aquarium. During the show, however, Summers suddenly fell motionless into the pool. Ora tried to save her by using one of her tricks, gently grabbing someone in their mouth to save them, but by the time Ora reached her, she was already dead, and it seemed that Ora mauled her trainer to the public eye, Marlon included.

Plot for revenge

Devastated, Marlon grew a deep hatred for the orca, and vow to have his revenge on her, who was not put down despite the events. Unbeknownst to him, Ora, the orca at the show, was secretly carried away to another aquarium to keep her safe.

Marlon begins training to become stronger, which apparently included fighting sharks, which is how he got the bite marks on his shoulders. He gain huge muscle mass from his training, but was somehow able to hide them in order to look scrawny.

Bulked marlon

Marlon Rimes revealing his true, bulk self.

A year after the death of his girlfriend, Marlon became a employee at the aquarium to begin his revenge. During this time, he met, and got to know Sasha Buckler, who is Ora's new trainer and the former understudy of his girlfriend Azura Summer. Still wanting revenge, he waited for the right moment to kill the ocra to avoid having Sasha suffer the same fate as Azura.

Revenge attempt 1

On the anniversary of his girlfriend's death. Ora's pool was due to a cleaning. Orla, the aquarium new star ocra, was hoisted to the show pool for her trainer Buckler to clean the pool. Marlon was tasked to watch the ocra. Believing it to be the same ocra that apparently killed his girlfriend, Marlon took this opportunity to kill the ocra, and begins to drain the pool's water to suffocate her.

Jack Shipley, the owner of the aquarium, saw what Marlon was attempting to do as the pool was almost out of water. He rush over to attempt to stop him, but accidentally fell into the empty pool in the process. Marlon was able to grab his right wrist, but was unable to pull him back up. Shipley attempt to explain to Marlon that Azura's death was not Ora's fault, but before he could, Marlon's grip loosened, and the owner fell 65 feet of the empty pool to his death.

Revenge attempt 2

Horrified by the death he unintentionally called, Marlon came up with a new plan to get rid of the ocra: to frame the ocra for the death of the owner. To do so, he placed the dead owner's body in a skull-shaped rock (which is used as a prop), taking Summers walkie-talkie in the process.

He called Buckler to put the rock and Orla back into the pull. He then contacted famous writer Norma DePlume and asked her to attend the aquarium in order to use her as a witness. About 10 minutes afther the aquarium opens, DePlume arrives, the Marlon used the Lifesaver whistle command recording on his walkie-taklie. To which Orla responded by headbutting the rock, which caused Shipley's body to be released. Orla then grabbed the body and brings it to the surface.

After, Marlon heads back to work, and to give himself an alibi, head to the staff room to meet with Sasha. Along the way, however, he ran into Pearl Fey, who stumbled into the staff corridor after getting lost. Marlon pick up the fishes he dropped and help Pearl Fey find her summer camp group, a process that took 5 minutes. He insisted that they kept this meeting a secret.

Marlon succeeded in his goal on framing Orla for the death of Jack Shipley. But her trainer, Sasha Buckler, contacted Phoenix Wright to defend the orca in court, in order to prevent her from being put down.

As Phoenix Wright continues his investigation, Wright suspected a human culprit. Marlon was afraid that Buckler would become the prime suspect of the case because she had a fight with Jack Shipley minutes before his death, which would give her a motive, as well as being Orla's trainer.

Initially refusing, Marlon eventually represent himself as a witness during Orla's trial. He attempted to explain he was with Buckler when the body was discovered in a attempt to protect her from being an suspect. However, because Wright learn about his encounter with Pearl Fey the previous day, Wright knew he was lying.

Revenge attempt 3

During the Trial, Phoenix Wright and fellow attorney Athena Cykes proved the Orla did not killed Shipley. To demonstrate what happened, Buckler was called back to the stand while Marlon returned to the aquarium. Knowing that his new plan would fail, he made one last attempt the kill the ocra by smuggling some sleeping pills and hiding them inside fish meat. Buckler has Orla perform her lifesaver trick, where she was found innocent, where Rimes feed her the drugged fish as a "reward"

However, as Rimes had feared, Buckley became the prime suspect of the case, and was arrested on the suspicion of murder. Phoenix Wright and co. returned to the aquarium to do further investigation. As they investigate, the drug starts to take effect on Orla, nearly drowning her.

Luckily, with the help of the aquariums vet Dr. Crab, Orla's stomach was cleared of the drug. Although this is turn cause Wright to suspect Dr. Crab, as he seemingly not noticed the pill. Continuing their investigation, they discovered Rime's hand print on the show pool ladder, which he gripped onto in his attempt to save Jack Shipley.

More determined than ever to pin the blame on Orla, Marlon returned as a witness in Buckler trial to testify against Orla. He explained that he saw Orla slamming Shipley in the air, which caused his subsequent fall, but Wright knew by this time that Marlon was the only one who could of drugged Orla, and such begin to suspect him, knowing he tried to kill the ocra to prevent her to leading the attorneys to him

With the help of Athena Cykes, they were able to reveal the grudge Rime has on Orla, as well as his attempted murder on the ocra, and the manipulation on her "attack" on Shipley. Cornered, Marlon swallowed his bucket of fish, which caused him to buff up.

He continues to claim the Orla killed the owner, and also claims the Wright had no proof of her innocence (Berating him in the process). He claimed that the walkie-talkie was broken, he then presents the one he took from Shipley, and therefore couldn't have commanded Orla.

Upon further investigation, however, Wright was about to figure out who the walkie-talkie really belonged to, solving the aquariums secret about Ora and Orla in the process.

Defeat and aftermath

Realizing his defeat, Marlon confessed to the murder of Shipley, as well as his attempted killings on Orla. Admitting he testify to protect Buckler, Rimes begged the Judge the declare her innocent. To the surprise of everyone, however, Phoenix Wright objects. He compared the handprints he found on the pool ladder to the hand print on Shipley's left wrist, where he was able to figure out Marlon's attempt to save him

Marlon admits that this is true, but felt like he didn't deserved to live for what he's done. He unintentionally caused the death of Shipley in his attempt to kill Orla for a crime she didn't commit, and failing to avenge his girlfriend.

Phoenix Wright, however, reveals that Summers died because of a heart condition she had. Much to the shock of Marlon, who was unaware of her conditions. With encouragements from both Wright and Buckler, Marlon begins to rethink his actions, and thanks both for their support, promising to make up for what he did.

As Shipley's death was accidental, Marlon was put on rehabilitation. A few month later, Marlon returned to the aquarium with a new job, taking over Shipley's role as the villain of the Swashbuckler Spectacular Show "Redstache"