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Payback is a... mess. I'll show them!

Markko is the archenemy of Kubo Punko from Cartoon Monsoon. He holds the sixth keychain of Kubo Punko.


Markko was a boy who took a keychain from the Kubo Punko box. He has many conflicts with the superhero team of five. One day, a tomato was thrown at him. As a result, he uses his Kubo Keychain to attack Kubo Punko with his minions shooting tomatoes at the city. Kubo Punko decides to use "Kubo Puncho" to defeat Markko. As Markko reverts back to normal, he has a talk with Corey and promises that he will be back.


  • "Don't invite me to play? Then, get ready to pay! Mark my words, you stupid jerk heads!"
  • "Payback is a... mess. I'll show them!"
  • "You know, if you're working for me, you wouldn't be calling me evil!"
  • "STUPID!"
  • "You're still stupid."
  • "Yes, and I don't need any help from you, Kubo Flunko!"
  • "Why? Because I have amazing powers and a sharp wit?"


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