Marki Ashvilli

Marki Ashvilli is a minor antagonist in GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Ashvilli is the main antagonist of the missions Going Deep and Dropping In.


Ray Bulgarin attempted to buy the Liberty City Rampages football team from Ashvilli, but he refused and enraged Bulgarin. Frightened by the Russian mobster, Ashvilli sends his mercenaries disguised as LCPD officers to put false evidence in Bulgarin's car. However Bulgarin, Timur and Luis Fernando Lopez attack the corrupt officers and exterminate them.


After Bulgarin finally stops tormenting Ashvilli about the team, Bulgarin sends Luis to Ashvilli's building so Lopez can put an end to his life. Luis arrives at the building via a parachute and shoots Ashvilli's security until he reaches Ashvilli's room. Ashvilli makes the unfortunate decision to stand in front of a glass window. Ashvilli then pleads for his life, resulting in him being shot by Luis, consequently falling to his death.