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Take your damn clothes off!
~ Thresher forcing Jane to strip for him.

Mark Thresher is the main antagonist of the infamous video game, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for the 3DO. He was played by Paul Bokor.

He is the boss of the company Jane plans to get a job at. He asks her to strip for him to get the job. If you select yes, she rides him like a horse, in BDSM clothing. If you select no, for some reason, she is in her bra and skirt but runs from Thresher who chases her with a pen.

John sees Tresher chasing Jane and goes off in pursuit. When all three make it to an abandoned building, Mark decides to pay Jane lots of money for one night of sex. John tells Jane he loves her and wants to marry her for a lifetime. If you choose Thresher, she walks off with him. If you choose John, they walk off while Mark is arrested, but not before he is raped by a bag lady.