Mark Miles

Mark Miles is an inmate in the HBO TV Series Oz. He was portrayed by Michael Quill.


Prisoner number 97M573, Mark Miles. Convicted July 10, 1997 - Three counts of murder in first degree. Sentence: Death

Mark Miles is a racist, homophobic and mentally unstable inmate who murdered his wife and son and was sent for 10 years in mental hospital after pleading insanity. He is later sentenced to death for murdering his second wife and two daughters.

Season 4

After arriving on Death Row, Miles stars bullying his fellow inmates, responding insultingly to Shirley Bellinger's friendly introduction and constantly badmouthing Nat Ginzburg for being gay and Moses Deyll for being African-American. After Bellinger's execution, Miles gets her mirror and starts painting a self-portrait in the wall.

When Ginzburg begins succumbing to AIDS, Miles can't sleep because of his coughing and vomiting. One day, after insulting Moses Deyell, he punches the wall separating his and Miles' cells in anger, breaking his little finger. Deyell then starts digging a hole in the wall.

When Miles' execution date nears, he starts crying hysterically when Warden Leo Glynn asks him how he wants to die and attempts to escape unsuccessfully. Miles then has a conversation with Sister Pete Marie who calms him by saying that she can only help him by preparing him for the execution. Later, when Miles finishes his painting and starts once again insulting Deyell, Deyell punches his fist through the finished wall and starts strangling Miles in fury, killing him before CO Len Lopresti manages to rescue him.