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Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan

Mate, 2 things, alright? One: be nice to her, because she is kind, and gentle, and fragile. And two: if you tell anyone you said that, I will kill you. I WILL KILL YOU!
~ Mark Donovan, season 1 episode 4 "Will Gets a Girlfriend", threatening Will when he gets caught making out with Charlotte Hinchcliffe.

Mark Donovan is an antagonist in Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners. He is a bully in the sixth-form of Rudge Park Comprehensive School, and he sincerely hates Will.

He is portrayed by Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

Show appearance

Mark appears to be a thug towards the lads (Will, Jay, Simon and Neil), but whenever any of the lad's parents are around, he always acts nicely, to cover up what he does to the lads.

Despite appearing all-violent, Mark is, in a way, sensitive, after he kisses his on-off girlfriend, Charlotte Hinchcliffe, kissing Will. He grabs Will by the front of his shirt and tells him to be nice to her, saying he (Mark) will kill him (Will) if he ever tells anybody about it. He also beat up Simon's French exchange student Patrice when he catches him in bed with Hinchcliffe.

Film appearance

Mark Donovan appears at the start of the 2011 The Inbetweeners film in which they are all leaving school. He gives Will a painful wedgie until he is stopped by Carli. He is absent for the rest of the movie.