Mark Cordell is main antagonist of 1996 film The Juror is a henchman who hired by mafia to kill the juror Annie Laird, a single mother and aspiring artist.

He is played by Alec Baldwin, who also played Nick Kudrow, Larry Quinn, Dennis and Makunga.


In the process, Mark falls in love with Annie by stalking her or threatened to killing her teenage son Oliver.

He's also seduces and kills her best friend Juliet, mafia and partner Eddie which caused Annie sent her son for safety on Guatemala. But Mark's colleague and panrter Eddie feel sorry for Annie because he had a son, decided to against Mark before Mark killed him in cold blood. before Mark track it down in the end he is killed by Annie.


Mark is a violent psychopath and a cold-blooded killer; even his fellow mafiosi consider him a "nut job" and a "complete psycho".