Mark Bishop is the antagonist of the dark comedy film Paranoia starring the Cinema Snob (also known as Brad Jones).


Mark is a mentally ill disturbed man whose wife has just left him and he goes to his house to mull things over. A neighbour comes round to his house and breaks in the door but Mark shoots him seemingly in self-defence. However the man is somehow still alive. Mark goes to a neighbour's to get a mobile for police but then he is dismissed as a lunatic as its past midnight. Mark then goes out for a drive but then he is stopped by police because his light's out. Mark goes to the garage and he then goes to a bar where he hears there's an escaped killer in the neighbourhood. Mark says how he is scared because it's dark outside and there's a killer on the loose. He goes to have a drink but then a gang break in, and in a shoot out, Mark shoots the gang dead.


Mark then tries to cover up his tracks by disposing of evidence such as removing the gun from the gangster's corpse and stealing the gun, then replacing it with a knife, and looking as if the death was an accident. Mark then tells the waitress not to call the police because he wouldn't need any legal trouble. Mark then goes to a bar and the landlord says its his lucky night. Mark is asked to pick one of five women so he chooses one, but dreams he's killing her in bed.


Mark then goes back home where he finds out that the dead man is actually still alive, so after a series of talks with him he shoots him dead and he later shoots his door apart and shoots his doorbell off. Mark then goes through town and goes into a church, and he finds the priest, who tells him what's really happening, Mark was killing the people the whole time.

The priest says Mark killed the girl in the club as well as the gangsters and presents their spirits as evidence. Mark then is told he's in Hell where Hell is actually reliving the worst things in one's life over and over. The priest then tells Mark he can go because he's finally learned his lesson. He is then sent back to Earth and picked up by Charon, who takes Mark home.


Mark is played by the Cinema Snob, Brad Jones. He is a comedic serial killer whose life was falling apart anyway so what had he got to lose?