Marius Wistrom is the secondary antagonist in the 2011 spy action film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Wistrom is a freelance assassin who works as Kurt Hendricks's personal right-hand man.

He was portrayed by actor Samuli Edelmann.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Wistrom first appears at Hendricks' side when they hold nuclear code expert Leonid Lisenker and his family hostage, in order to verify the nuclear launch codes they were set to purchase from the assassin Sabine Moreau. Later, Hendricks, posing as Wistrom, attains the launch codes from Ethan Hunt and his undercover team from the disavowed top-secret and covert operations agency, Impossible Mission Force, after a botched operation, he orders Wistrom to kill Lisenker's family while Hendricks personally kills Lisenker after fulfilling his usefulness. After acquiring the launch codes, Hendricks and Wistrom travel to Mumbai, India to use a television broadcasting center to launch a nuclear missile from a Russian Navy submarine, aiming it at San Francisco.

However, Hunt and his team confronted them just as they leave the broadcast center and a chase ensues. While Hunt chases down Hendricks, who is in possession of the nuclear launch-control device, his team chases down Wistrom who takes the broadcast station offline. After a brief fight, Hendricks throws himself from the top floor of a vehicle assembly factory while former IMF agent William Brandt struggles with Wistrom over the broadcast center's power control. Hunt is able to obtain the launch-control device, and just as Wistrom is in the process of strangling Brandt to death, he is shot and killed by IMF agent Benjamin "Benji" Dunn. This enables Brandt to bring the broadcast center back online while allowing Hunt to use the nuclear launch-control device to disable the nuclear missile and letting it crash harmlessly into San Francisco Bay.

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