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Marius Wistorm is the secondary antagonist in the 2011 film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Kurt Hendricks main right-hand and his own personal henchman.

He was portrayed by actor Samuli Edelmann.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Wistrom first appears at Hendricks' side when they kidnap nuclear code expert Leonid Lisenker and his family, in order to verify the nuclear launch codes they were set to purchase from the assassin Sabine Moreau. Later Hendricks, posing as Wistrom, attains the launch codes from Ethan Hunt and his IMF team after a botched operation, during which he orders Wistrom to kill Lisenker's family while Hendricks personally kills Lisenker. After acquiring the launch codes Hendricks and Wistrom use a television broadcast center to launch a nuclear missile from a Russian submarine, aiming it at San Francisco.

However after leaving the broadcast station they are confronted by Hunt and his team, after which a chase ensues. While Hunt chases down Hendricks, who is in possession of the launch-control device, his team chases down Wistrom who attempts to take the broadcast station off-line. After a brief fight, Hendricks throws himself from the top floor a factory building, while former IMF analyst William Brandt struggles with Wistrom over control of the broadcast station. Hunt is able to obtain the launch-control device, and just as Wistrom is in the process of strangling Brandt to death, he is shot and killed by IMF agent Benji Dunn. This enables Brandt to bring the broadcasting station back online, thus preventing the nuclear missile from detonating in San Francisco Bay.

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