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Marisol (Genesis Rodriguez) and Julian (T.I.) are the main antagonists, later anti-heroes in the 2013 film Identity Thief. They are a pair of criminal bounty hunters hired to track down the fake Sandy Patterson. Marisol is the leader of the duo and Julian is the sidekick.

After the real Sandy Patterson finds Diana and they wind up at her house, Marisol and Julian break in and try to capture her, but they escape. They are also working for an incarcerated thug named Paolo. The pair spends virtually the entire film tracking them down. Towards the climax of the film, they are shot and captured by the Skiptracer, who they shot earlier because they felt that he was getting in the way of their mission, when they were really after the same person. At the end, Marisol, Julian and the Skiptracer are taken into custody.


  • They were advertised as the main antagonists (and they initially were), but when the true main villain was revealed, they eventually reformed.
  • A month before Identity Thief was released in theaters, Génesis Rodríguez appeared in The Last Stand as the villainous Ellen Richards.

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