Too sad.
~ Marishka to Van Helsing before attacking him

Marishka is one of Count Vladislaus Dracula's three Brides and a supporting antagonist in the 2004 live action film, Van Helsing.

She was one of Gabriel Van Helsing's enemies - the first Vampire that he killed when he came to Transylvania.

During the film, Marishka was first seen with the other two Dracula's Brides in their bat forms, flying toward Anna Valarious and Van Helsing.

Marishka was told by Verona, one of Dracula's two Brides, to finish Van Helsing while the Vampires attacked the village looking for Anna. Marishka eagerly agreed and flew to attack Van Helsing, and was shot with multiple silver arrows that failed to strike her in the heart.

Marishka appeared on the roof of a home, her wounds healing as she hissed at Van Helsing. When Carl, Van Helsing's close "sidekick", alerted him of a small fountain of Holy Water by the church in the village, Marishka smiled and hissed before she leap from the roof and rammed into Van Helsing, and repeatedly threw him into walls-only to bring Van Helsing closer to his crossbow, which he needed to finish her off. Soon becoming aware of this, she went from gloating hubris to intense panic and charged towards him.

Carl alerted Van Helsing of Marishka as she flew toward him, and Van Helsing ran to the fountain of Holy Water, dipping in the end of his crossbow, and firing upon the desperate vampiress. The silver, Holy-Water soaked arrows riddled Marishka as she hurtled over Van Helsing and crashed into the roof of a nearby village home, pegged in place by the arrows. The other vampire brides sensed her mortal wounds and made their escape back to Dracula's castle, leaving Marishka gasping and screaming while she disintegrated into mud and ashes, her bones clattering onto the ground, ending her multiple century-long life.