The Marionettes

The Marionettes

The Marionettes are demonically-possessed puppets and the most common enemies in Devil May Cry.

Marionettes were once puppets found in a abandoned castle on Mallet Island created to be a simple tool of enjoyment, but demons have since gotten their hands on them and now they are controlled by Mundus and his devils.

Marionettes usually lie on the ground until approached, at which point they will jump up and try to attack Dante. They usually appear in groups, but are fairly easy to kill. However, their more powerful variation, the Bloody Maries, is adept at blocking or countering Dante's attacks, making it much more dangerous. Marionettes and Bloody Maris can be equipped with pendulum blades, daggers, darts, and even shotguns. When a Marionette or Bloody Mari is defeated, the demon possessing them evaporates in a purple mist.



  • Marionettes are puppets controlled by a puppeteer using strings. They are used for performance in theaters and are enjoyed mostly by children, simply as toys. Marionettes were widely used in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period.
  • "Bloody Mari" is a marionette-based pun on "Bloody Mary".
  • The "Immortal Marionette" accessory from Bayonetta, another game directed by Hideki Kamiya, is designed after the Bloody Mari.