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Mario Falcone was deported back to Italy through an INS loophole and was interested in cleaning up the Falcone name, so he tried setting up legitimate corporations with Bruce Wayne. Bruce rejected his offer since Mario's father was a criminal. Mario legitimized the Falcone family name by purchasing all the stock in the Falcone's shipping company and evicts his own sister Sofia. Mario aided the police and DA Janice Porter in cleaning up organized crime by giving Commissioner Gordon information on the illegitimate businesses administered by the Falcone Crime Family while receiving protection. Mario helped his family only once by excepting Alberto Falcone into to stay after Alberto was paroled after the Arkham breakout. At the end of the story, it was noted that Mario ended up as a broken man in the end of the story and became the new head of the Falcone Crime Family.

Mario was eventually murdered by Two-Face.

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