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In Hotdiggedydemon's cartoon, Luigi's Day Out, Mario appears as a punk guy who is very abusive to his brother, Luigi, who appears to be juvenile and naive. He is shown as the main antagonist of the animated short.

Luigi's Day Out

Mario goes off to save Princess Peach from Bowser, but his mother tells him to bring his brother, Luigi with him, which Mario reluctantly accepted since he can't stand Luigi acting like a baby.

On the way, Mario and Luigi later meet up with Daisy and Waluigi. Soon Mario gets Luigi to do dangerous things to save the princess by tricking him that they are good things which causes Luigi to die multiple times since Mario's intention is to pick on Luigi and his stupidity.  Luigi was forced by Mario to do various dangerous things like falling of pits, giving the sun a high five, eating poison mushrooms, and getting killed by other enemies and obstacles, while Mario and Waluigi laughed at him.  Later when they got to Bowser's castle, Mario tricks Luigi into thinking that the princess is inside a door, then Luigi opens it and Bowsers comes out to scare him, causing Luigi to shiver cowardly and Mario and Walugi laughed at him again.  Then they stop laughing when Luigi tells him that he "had an accident."  A frustrated Mario decides to take Luigi home.  Then Luigi trips Mario down the stairs as payback.  Daisy looks down with the others, saying that Mario was "such a loser," and invites Luigi to go out with her and Waluigi offering him an acid tab.  So they went out to buy Liquor, vandalize property, get tatoos, and dance and make out at the night club.

The next day, Mario's mother worries wher Luigi has gone to and scolds Mario, who appears to have survived the injury, by telling that he should've watched over Luigi since he can't take care of himself. An indifferent Mario, playing his guitar, told her that he just left with Daisy and Waluigi.  Mario tries to cheer his mom up by farting loudly on his guitar pick laughing maniacally, causing her to slap him.  Then a naked and hungover Luigi gets dropped off by Daisy and Waluigi, causing Mario to feel annoyed and his mother to feel worried. Then Luigi finally wakes up and sees that he has a tattoo on his chest that reads, "Daisy's Bitch."