While Mario is depicted as a hero through most of his history, he is enemies with Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.. These are his villainous actions. Coincidentally, Mario in his first game, the original Donkey Kong, was depicted as a naughty carpenter who abused his own pet, Donkey Kong. Also in the prequel Game & Watch game, Donkey Kong Circus, Mario forces poor Donkey Kong to perform at the circus by juggling pineapples and dodging fireball, and even laughs at him whenever he either gets hit by a fireball or drops a pineapple. His role just worsened in the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. as he is actually the villain in that game.

Donkey Kong Jr. (game)


Mario went on to imprison Donkey Kong in a cage. DK Junior went on to try and rescue his father. Mario attempted to stop the young ape and released various types of traps mainly consisting of animals. Junior eventually did make it to his father and the two returned to Donkey Kong Island just after Donkey Kong made a shot at Stanley the Bugman's greenhouse.

He also whipped the animals that worked for him, eventually known as Mario's slave labor, making him extremely evil, as he also let unnecessarily made them know who was in charge (him) his role wasn't better before as he abused DK before the events of Donkey Kong. Jr.

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