Marina Rants

In Save the Hyena, Marina rants at Zig for pretending to drown.

Marina is the hero and damsel-in-distress in the French animated series Zig & Sharko. She is a lovely, beautiful mermaid. While she is supposedly one of the heroes, she does many questionable things throughout the series.


Marina the Mermaid is a curvaceous mermaid with blue eyes, light green tail and a light green bra. She is slim, has dark red hair and a starfish on it.

Villainous acts

Marina is a ditzy mermaid and is officially one of the heroes - however she was portrayed as a villain by many viewers of the series due to things she does.

In the series, everyone in the sea is in love with her, and she is, surprisingly, accepting, even though Sharko is her husband. This shows that she is okay with cheating on her husband. She also dumped Sharko several times for someone with a bigger wallet (King Neptune, as shown in King Neptune's Court and Marina Superstar).

She is also particularly selfish, forcing her bodyguard Sharko to get what she wants, is hypocritical (as shown in The Manic Mermaid).

However, her possibly most cruel act was in the ending of Hair Story; in the episode, she got her hair accidentally shaved by The Octopus and wanted Zig's fur to make a wig. Zig was chased by Sharko and the Octopus and got captured; Bernie, however, revealed that a shark's fin has juice that can grow hair back. Unfortunately, Sharko's fin turned flat and he couldn't go to opera with Marina. Marina got a plan: Zig, against his will, was to be put in Sharko's dorsal fin.

Marina, as revealed in Cruising, is also capable of hypnotizing people, and is implied to practically rule the sea with her charm.



  • She is voiced in Kareena Kapoor in the Hindi version.