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The evil Marilyn has a tiny Frank at her mercy

Marilyn is a villainess from the Dreamtales Comics story The Pygmy Queen.

She is an evil businesswoman who poaches and shrinks wild animals in order to sell them to rich clients.

She is first seen looking for animals to shrink down. Suzy, the protagonist, ends up being hit by a shrink ray when she jumps in the way of Marilyn's intended animal target. After having her evil plans ruined, Marilyn intends to do harm to the tiny Suzy but Suzy manages to get away.

Suzy later returns intending to stop Marilyn from capturing any more animals, they end up fighting but Suzy gets hit by Marilyn's shrink ray again and ends up becoming even smaller. Marilyn captures Suzy and places her in a jar with the attention to sell her. Suzy's friend Frank appears later on trying to find Suzy but Marilyn shrinks him as well and places him in a jar, also with the intention to sell him.

At a rich woman's house Marilyn is seen selling Suzy and Frank, telling the woman that they come with death certificates so she can do whatever she wants to them. A fight breaks out which causes Suzy and Marilyn to both be shot with rays that make them giants. They end up fighting outside which results in Suzy making Marilyn give up.

A week later at a fundraiser everyone is back to their normal size, except for the evil Marilyn who is a small Jester providing entertainment as part of her community service.


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