The Black Queen

Mariko Takeda aka the Black Queen.

Mariko Takeda is the older daughter of Professor Takeda, who discovered a parallel dimension and was sentenced into a magical slumber. She later reawoken as a powerful vigilante called the Black Queen.

Chronology: Comic Book

Mariko Takeda

Mariko Takeda, back when she discovers another world outside Earth.

Long ago, Mariko was once a prominent scientist like her father.

One day, she discovers a portal to another dimension. When she got there, she saw a world of vast technology and awesome magic, that dimension was called the Fast World.

Mariko in cryo-stasis

Mariko is in a cryo-stasis unit within her father's laboratory.

But when she return to Earth to tell her father more about the discovery they both made, Mariko suddenly felt ill. In his sorrow, Takeda seeks to destroy all magic, as he believes that it is responsible for his eldest daughter's illness. Mariko, Takeda's daughter, accidentally discovered a different and magical world called the Fast World. Yet, unfortunately, something happened and her mind seems to be trapped there while her body is in a state of coma in the real world. Blinded by anger, Takeda placed her body in a water tank to keep her alive via liquid breathing, while using his freezing technologies in tracking down the Guardians and trying to kill them. He is assisted by a mysterious boy from the Fast World, named Liam, whom met Mariko and fell in love with her. Liam acted as a spy on the W.I.T.C.H. girls for Takeda, infiltrating their magical school bus and planting evil and dangerous creatures from his world into Heatherfield in order to attack W.I.T.C.H. and putting their magical students in danger.

She battled against the ruler of the dimension as the Black Queen, a vigilante who puts together a group of the Fast World's native people called the Black Soldiers, until W.I.T.C.H. were fooled by the White Queen, Arkaam, into attacking her, and so was imprisoned with Shinobu and William for a while. Her body floats in a tank full of liquid in Takeda's laboratory under stasis-lock.

Mariko Takeda & Liam

Mariko and Liam

In the Fast World, she met Liam and the two of them fell in love. Mariko saw the evil intentions of the White Queen so she decided to leave her body on Earth and let her mind fight against Arkaam and her White Soldiers as the Black Queen.

In the end, though she and the W.I.T.C.H. girls won the fight against Arkaam and freed the Fast World, Mariko suffers the loss of her lover Liam.