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Marika Soresi is the younger sister of Kewell Soresi and member of the Valkyrie Squadron under the command of Luciano Bradley. the Britannian Knight of Ten.


Prior to her joining the Valkyrie Squadron, she also served under Cornelia along with Liliana.

In 2018, she became one of the Grausam Valkyrie Squadron pilots under Luciano Bradley's command. She was deployed along with the other members and Bismark Waldstein to the Tokyo Settlement to prepare for the upcoming battle. The Valkyrie Squadron combats the detachment of the Black Knights led by Li Xingke under Bismarck and Luciano during the Kagoshima Settlement Battle. After being notified that the main force of the Black Knights are in the Tokyo Settlement, Luciano requests Bismarck to let him and the Valkyrie Squadron go there and kill Zero. Zero is engaged in battle with the Modred who suddenly stopped and Luciano takes the advantage by having the Valkyrie Squadron immobalize the Shinkiro. However, Marika and the other Valkyries are killed by Kallen when she uses the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements. Marika dies saving her brother's name.

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