Werewolf Marika

Marika Hackman is a British singer who appeared as a villainess in her music video "Animal Fear".


"Animal Fear" is about the darkest depths of the imagination, and in the video, Marika slowly transforms into a werewolf while performing the song and playing her guitar.

In the beginning, one of her claws appears, and eventually, the rest of her claws elongate. By the middle, Marika has fangs and her ears are pointed and animalistic. Finally, Marika's werewolf transformation is completed when she is shown to have hair on her face and a long white mane.

After turning into a werewolf, the evil Marika attacks and kills her bandmates, and is shown performing with her lips drenched in blood. The video ends with the events being all in Marika's imagination, as Marika is in human form and her bandmates are alive.