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Marie is the protagonist villain of the 2003 controversial French horror film High Tension (also known as "Haute Tension"). She is a young woman who suffered from DID (dissociative identity disorder, a psychiatric diagnosis sometimes known as "multiple personality disorder") which developed her alter ego called "The Killer".

It is presumed that Marie's closeted sexuality caused her to experience mental turmoil. During their high school days she met Alex whom she had feelings for, although Alex considered Marie to be a friend and was entirely unaware that Marie was a lesbian. Marie continued obsessing with Alex as they went to visit Alex's parents and brother who own a farmhouse.

As Alex sleeps, Marie lies on her bed listening to music and masturbating amd fantasizing about (presumably) sex with Alex at which moment her personalty switched into The Killer and "rang to the doorbell" which Alex's father responded and Killer/Marie decapitates him as his screams awake Alex's mother. Marie then proceeds to kill Alex's mother, younger brother and their dog.

Alex was then kidnapped by Marie herself.

Marie kills a gas station clerk and then takes Alex deep into a wooded area. After a fight with "The Killer", Marie unties Alex. As soon as Alex is free, she threatens Marie with the knife and accuses her of butchering her family. Alex slashes Marie's face and stabs her in the stomach before running into the forest. Marie chases Alex with a concrete saw. Alex finds a road and flags down a car. As Alex is climbing into the car, Marie appears brandishing the concrete saw and disembowels the driver. A stray piece of glass slices Alex's Achilles tendon. Alex takes a crowbar from the car's toolbox and crawls along the road. Marie forces Alex to tell her that she loves her, and she kisses her. While engaged in the kiss, Alex plunges the crowbar into Marie's chest as Marie proclaims she'll never let anyone come between them.

The final scene shows Marie in a psychiatric hospital room, and Alex watching her through a one-way mirror. Marie grins and reaches for Alex, aware that she is behind it.