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Marie is the protagonist villain of the 2003 controversial French horror film High Tension (also known as "Haute Tension"). She is a young woman who suffered from DID (dissociative identity disorder, a psychiatric diagnosis sometimes known as "multiple personality disorder") which developed her alter ego called "The Killer".

It was presumed that Marie had troubled childhood caused her into psychopath, during their high school days when she met Alex whom she feelings for her, although Alex condensed Marie as her friend. Marie counted obsessed with Alex as they went to visited Alex's parents who own the farmhouse and stay for one day.

As Alex sleeps, Marie lies on her bed listening to music and masturbating for thinking sex with Alex caused her personalty developed into Killer and ring to the doorbell which Alex's father responded and Killer/Marie slashed him to death and sound awakes Alex's mother who find her husband butchered is approached by Marie who killed their son and dog.

Hearing her mother's screams, Alex rushed to see her parents and kidnapped by Marie herself.

as the Killer, Marie kills the store clerk who noticed Alex shaking and shelving and takes the keys to "saved Alex" in the deserted road and face Killer (which she injured himself) bludgeons the killer with a fence post covered in barbed wire and free Alex who accused her best friend for killing her family lashes Marie's face and stabs her in the stomach then escape called the driver begged for some help but Marie end up killing the driver by concrete saw . then Alex confessed to love and kissed Alex before Alex stabbed By the crowbar into Marie's chest and the police come to saved her . in the end Marie was sent to psychiatric hospital which Alex visited her in one-way mirror