Marian II

Marian II is the fourth boss from Double Dragon Neon. It is a huge mutant flytrap which resides on the depths of Skullmageddon's Some Kind of Lab. It's name is an obvious reference to Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

Marian II attacks by spitting bones in various patterns and by using its two bulb arms to crush the player. Once the bulbs take enough damage, they mutate into a shark head and a dinosaur head respectively, attacking by shooting rockets, fire and lasers, as well as ramming at the player and diving into the ground. Once the two heads are destroyed, the mouth will reveal a weak spot which can be blown with a few hits. Once defeated, Marian II explodes, and as the whole lab collapses, the Lee brothers use Marian II remains to slide a great slope which takes them to a cemetery area.